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Re: problem with https and w3-fetch ... sometimes

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: problem with https and w3-fetch ... sometimes
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 18:54:32 -0600
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Hello Peter,

prayner wrote:
> please reply directly as well as to the group.

Unfortunately several of us forgot to do this and there was some
discussion about your problem on the mailing list that did not include
you.  Although unfortunately none of us who responded knew of your
problem or how to address it directly.  So that probably doesn't
matter anyway.  Sorry.  You can follow the complete set of responses
in this next link to the mailing list archives.  This next link goes
to your message in the archive and the responses follow it there.

However Emanuel Berg wrote this following that sounds hopeful to me:

    If you'd consider using w3m, or w3m code perhaps still
    works for you, I have written a lightning-fast system
    for all kinds of searches - just bind it to a global
    keystroke, and search (not just with Goggle) from
    anywhere in Emacs - also, it suggests the region text
    as default, and has other cool stuff as well.

The link at the end of his response links directly to an emacs lisp
file with the code for w3m that he is suggesting you try.

Also Stefan Monnier wrote this following sentence:

    I'd be happy to take patches that make W3 use the open-network-stream
    function's builtin TLS support (via libgnutls) instead of going
    through gnutls-cli.

That sounds hopeful to me.  Someone familiar with emacs lisp and emacs
w3 could recode it to avoid the tls network problem.

> Can anyone suggest routes to debugging this?

I fear that few people are using Emacs W3 these days and perhaps no
one on this mailing list is using it.  You may need to find an emacs
w3 expert elsewhere.  I tried your example link with emacs w3m and the
full page was rendered okay.  I think someone familiar with Emacs W3
code would need to update W3 for whatever changes happened at Google.

I think that if w3m works for you then w3m would be much better
supported these days than W3.  Since w3m is listed as a supported
application in the emacspeak task list I would try it next.  Either
way please write us on the mailing list again and give us an update on


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