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Re: problem with https and w3-fetch ... sometimes

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: problem with https and w3-fetch ... sometimes
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 23:48:02 +0200
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(I'm sending this to the original posters mail as well,
and I did so with my previous reply as well. Doesn't
that show up? It is in the To: header, perhaps you
looked in the Cc: header?)

Bob Proulx <address@hidden> writes:

> Because the original poster mentions emacspeak I
> presume that is the reason for using W3.

Oh, I didn't even react to that, which I should have,
because I even experimented with emacspeak a while back
and wrote about it on this very list.

This is what I wrote then - note that this was from my
situation, which (at that time) was very bad compared
to a fully healthy person, but still of course cannot
be compared to a severely impaired or blind person. The
reason I didn't like plain emacspeak was that it was
too verbose, so I thought I'd setup functions to have
it read certain long paragraphs for me - selectively,
not everything and always. Oh, and let me say I am
very, very confident in Emacs being the right tool for
lots of people with special situations, because of
Emacs configurability and the ease with which new
modules can be put to work. In my case, I was able to
do that myself, but I'm a programmer... You know the
other day when I said that programmers shouldn't invent
"new" programming languages and so on, they should put
their talents to help humanity? This sounds pompous to
be sure but actually it is very down-to-earth, and here
is a fine example (though I don't know any details).
This was a long excursion, this is what I wrote:

... it [emacspeak] was based on espeak, which is
available in the Debian repos as a stand-alone-tool,
and so I wrote

es () {
   espeak -s 130 -k 20 -v en -f $1 -w `basename $1 .txt`.wav

to create sound files from text, and it should be a
small task to setup defuns to interact with it.

... I don't know if it can replace reading. It will
certainly not be as enjoyable. But what do you do? All
tricks to compensate for the loss of information intake
should be explored.

underground experts united

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