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Cask for testing

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Cask for testing
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:31:52 +0100
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I have been investigating Cask for use with testing my Emacs packages,
but have been struggling with it. The documentation is not very rich as
it stands. I was wondering if anyone has a good workflow?

I thought I would start of with m-buffer.el which has few dependencies.

Currently, I have this testing in batch with a shell script. The
dependencies have been included and downloaded into the test directory
(which is obviously not ideal). I am using travis for CI. Testing also
works interactively from within Emacs. My hope was to use Cask for batch
dependency resolution.

My Cask file looks like this:

(source gnu)
(source melpa)

(package-file "m-buffer.el")
(depends-on "dash")

 (depends-on "ert-runner"))
Cask correctly downloads the dependencies. But it doesn't put
m-buffer.el onto the load path. So any attempt to use ert-runner fails.
What am I doing wrong?

I'm currently only interested in Cask for development; for my main Emacs
config I just use "use-package" which seems to do everything I need.


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