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Re: Cask for testing

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: Cask for testing
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 11:43:57 +0100
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Sebastian Wiesner <address@hidden> writes:
>> I have been investigating Cask for use with testing my Emacs packages,
>> but have been struggling with it. The documentation is not very rich as
>> it stands. I was wondering if anyone has a good workflow?
>> I thought I would start of with m-buffer.el which has few dependencies.
>> Currently, I have this testing in batch with a shell script. The
>> dependencies have been included and downloaded into the test directory
>> (which is obviously not ideal). I am using travis for CI. Testing also
>> works interactively from within Emacs. My hope was to use Cask for batch
>> dependency resolution.
>> My Cask file looks like this:
>> (source gnu)
>> (source melpa)
>> (package-file "m-buffer.el")
>> (depends-on "dash")
>> (development
>> (depends-on "ert-runner"))
>> Cask correctly downloads the dependencies. But it doesn't put
>> m-buffer.el onto the load path. So any attempt to use ert-runner fails.
>> What am I doing wrong?
> Nothing, Cask simply doesn’t do that.  It doesn’t make assumption about
> the local layout of the source code tree, since that’d be too flaky for
> more complex packages, e.g. consisting of different files in different 
> directories.

(package-file "m-buffer.el") -- I mean, I've already told Cask about this.

> However, you can tell erg-runner to additional files, e.g.
> cask exec ert-runner -l ./m-buffer.el 
> To make this permanent, add an „.ert-runner“ file to the root of your
> source code tree, with the following contents:
> -l ./m-buffer.el 

Hmmm, okay. So cask then is setting my load-path to dependencies,
ert-runner is adding in files in the ./test directory? I guess this
helps in some way.

> Please note that Cask is not part of GNU Emacs, nor in any way affiliated 
> with it.  As such, this list is not the best place to ask questions about
> Cask, since it’s not regularly monitored by us.  Please refer to the Github
> issue tracker or to Cask’s own mailing list for questions.

I didn't want to use an issue tracker to ask for help, and the only
mailing list that is mentioned in the documentation is cask-dev;
normally, I'd not send request for help to a -dev mailing list,
especially one with private archives.


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