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Re: how to determine if to reply by CC as well

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: how to determine if to reply by CC as well
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 23:53:05 +0200
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David Hume <address@hidden> writes:

>> Perhaps the OP is a real programmer, and those don't
>> use either menus or the mouse. ...
> Firefox without a mouse.

You can use Firefox without a mouse. There is
"search-for-links-only" key and then just type away.
Likewise shortcuts to show the bookmarks, mark the URL
field, iterate the tabs, and so on. But it is an uphill
battle. They don't expect people to do that so it is
far from as refined as it could be. Second it is not
programmable in the sense w3m is on Emacs, with just
reevaluating a defun to get the new (hopefully desired)
behavior. But there is a plugin system which
perhaps (?) can be used in that sense.

But the biggest problem isn't in the client software.
It can be, and is, great. The problem is those webpages
with zero structure and literally thousands of links
everywhere. They just expect people to not be bothered
with that as they use huge monitors with fonts so tiny
they are difficult to even make out.

And they use different fonts (and sizes), and the
location on the screen to express purpose (in a bad
way, but still). When this is rendered in a text-based
browser, or when some guy tries to use it without a
mouse and scrollwheel, it stinks even more.

So there is only so much the end software can do about
that. People will have to upgrade their taste as well
as their clients... and stay out of those websites.

> What fun!

Maybe not like taking Ecstacy and going to the circus.
But it is possible. But even so I recommend using Emacs
for plain-text and/or keyboard-only browsing. That way
it'll just be all in your hands if you want to change
and extend the user interface, which is likely...

>> Again: Is there any way to deduct from the post if
>> the poster isn't on Usenet, and isn't part of the
>> list, in what case a CC makes sense? (By "the post"
>> I mean what I see, or can see, as a Gnus newsgroup
>> follower, in the header fields.)
> Looking at the headers in the OP article, it says
> received by SMTP, so I guess it was an email.

Yes, but is he on the list or not? If he is, he doesn't
need a CC. If he isn't, he might be unaware there were
people trying to help him.

underground experts united

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