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Re: how to determine if to reply by CC as well

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: how to determine if to reply by CC as well
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:06:34 +0200
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Will Parsons <address@hidden> writes:

> You seem to think that not using the mailing list is
> undesirable - I disagree.

I think it is undesirable to ask questions by way of
mail and at the same time not be on the list. That way
those who answer the question will have to look out for
notes they should manually include a CC to reach the
poster, as we just learned that cannot be deducted. Not
mentioning it is brainless activity that is boring and
easy to forget. People should never hesitate - OK,
here as question; I know the answer, BAM! I just send
the OP my reply and feel good about it.

> I am one of those who prefer to follow the newsgroup

Yes, I use Gnus for both mails and news, when I can
favor one, I pick news. This is not a news vs. mail

> and not sign up for a mailing list. Yes, I don't want
> my mailbox to fill up with a lot a mail that I'll
> have do deal with (if only to delete it)

Gnus has a feature called mail splitting. With that,
mail can act exactly like news. After setting it up,
which is easy, after 5 seconds you don't care what is
news and what is mail. Same interface, looks the same,
everything is the same.

> NNTP is much easier to deal with IMO than mailing
> lists, and I generally prefer to use Gmane rather
> than signing up for mailing lists if I possibly can.
> The fact that I follow rather than a
> mailing list is a *good* thing.

Yeah, the discussion is not about mail vs. news.

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