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Re: A guide on setting up C/C++ development environment for Emacs

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: A guide on setting up C/C++ development environment for Emacs
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 20:11:33 +0200

Dnia 2014-08-29, o godz. 13:21:12
Jai Dayal <address@hidden> napisał(a):

> Okay but why can people make claims like "scientists are bigots" and
> that sort of thing... i even have someone privately emailing me from
> here telling me all this stuff about hitler being an atheist and this
> and that.

OK, being the "someone" mentioned above, let me get a few things

1. AFAIR, no one claimed that "scientists are bigots".  Rusi (who was
probably the first one to use the word "bigot") wrote then:

> In my experience the scientific types are more bigoted than the
> religious ones.

This is something *very* different, especially in view of further
explanations from Rusi.  (An exercise for you: find three important
differences between what you wrote and what Rusi wrote.)  Please don't
fight your straw men in public.

2. Could you please tell me *where* I wrote that Hitler was an
atheist?  I *did* claim that he was not Christian (in the sense of the
definition of the word "Christian" *you* have provided, since -
expecting troubles - I asked you for your definition first), and I
*could* give some facts supporting this claim.  And indeed I wanted to
answer your last (off-list) email in private, but seeing that you seem
to have problems with reading comprehension, I guess that my duty (in
the sense of is over.

And just in case someone quotes that stupid Godwin's law: I was *not*
the first one to mention Hitler or Nazis *by name* in the discussion
(though I was close, I admit). ;-)

3. It is well possible that I have IQ lower than you etc.  But: jumping
from a discussion with a couple of (even) idiots to a general
conclusion like

> Someone of "faith" can
> never be convinced; faith is idiocy by definition.

is completely unjustified from logical point of view. (And in fact, a
few thousand of years of history - including more or less famous
conversions - show that both the claims: "someone of faith can never be
convinced" and "faith is idiocy by definition" are entirely wrong.)  Not
to mention offensiveness, which seems to me completely undeserved.

If you want a rational discussion, do not offend people you are talking
to.  If you just want to have some private war against (any) religion,
the mailing list about (maybe the only) text editor which is sometimes
told to have spawned a religion;), may not be the best place, either.

Best regards,

Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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