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Re: emacs stackexchange beta site

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: emacs stackexchange beta site
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 00:35:01 +0200
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Artur Malabarba <> writes:

>> It is great that site materialized.
> It is. It's a chance to give specialized answers in
> a way that's relatively permanent with respect to
> googling. It's also an excuse for the lazy to post
> very basic questions without going through the
> trouble of even a single search, but you can't have
> everything I suppose. :-)

There was a lengthy discussion as to the
permanent/Google/lazy aspects of it all, well, more
opinions back-and-forth I should say. Probably it'll
be interesting to you if you didn't already read it.

>> Seriously, is there a link from that site to our
>> support-line and/or feud-o-rena here? Both the
>> listbot and the newsgroup should be
>> mentioned, I think!
> The community there will soon start deciding things
> like what to put in the FAQ page. Things like the
> mailing list and the wiki are sure to be there.

Don't forget this is also a USENET (NNTP) newsgroup - - which can be accessed in the full
sweetness of things with Gnus (which I hope will be an
often-visited tag on your site!).

>> If they would communicate with us perhaps it would
>> be simpler to make an interface (or partial
>> interface to begin with),
> As in..?

I can think of dozens of things. Links are the first
step. But then... There has been so much material on
this list/group. How do you reference particularly
interesting posts? Indeed, how do you find them? How
do we access your site in a way that isn't to
far-fetched from what we are used to? For example,
does it require JavaScript? Does it play well with
Emacs-w3m and other in-Emacs browsing alternatives?
Using the site from and with Emacs should be a
objective from day one, don't you think? Thinking big
(although it isn't big in terms of technology if the
wish is there, at least not in terms of reading) - can
it be integrated with the message-mode, with Gnus and
RMAIL? For example, why don't you generate a mail once
a week with all the new questions and post it here?
There are just tons of things that are worth
checking/trying out. (There was already a guy here who
did a question-based interface to the SX sites - it
was about parsing the HTML and showing the results in
plain text - I remember many people were delighted and
it seemed to work well but I didn't hear from him

What I hope for the future of computing is
UI-agnostic: some guy likes USENET, some other guy
likes SX, some guy likes CLI, some guy GUI, some the
keyboard, some the mouse, and so on. Why fight about
it? Just make the data independent from all that and
then have everyone access it and interact with it any
way and with any tool he or she desires.

Here is an example right here:

U+1F44D is the Unicode for "THUMBS UP" [1].

I'm on another kind of system than most people so I
can't see it. But I can still insert it (`C-x 8 RET
1f44d RET') - I hope (do you see it?):


You see. It is not that difficult :)

Anyway, good luck!


underground experts united

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