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RE: Printable reference card for bookmark+ shortcuts

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Printable reference card for bookmark+ shortcuts
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:27:38 -0700 (PDT)

> Does anybody have smth like that?

You can use any of the following to list Bookmark+ key bindings.
Then print it.

1. In the bookmark-list display (buffer `*Bookmark List*'), the key
`?' gives you a list of the most important Bookmark+ keys, both for
that buffer (mode `bookmark-bmenu-mode') and generally (i.e., outside
that mode).  IOW, it is a pretty complete overview of the Bookmark+
key bindings.

2. Load library `help-fns+.el', and use `C-h M-k' (`describe-keymap')
to describe any keymap variable, listing its keys human-readably.

For example, `C-h M-k bookmark-bmenu-mode-map' gives you a listing 
of all of the keys for buffer `*Bookmark List*'.

And  `C-h M-k bookmark-map' gives you a listing of all of the other
Bookmark+ keys.

3. A prefix key followed by `C-h' shows you a list of all of the keys
on that prefix.  For example, `s' is a prefix key for sort commands
in `*Bookmark List*', and `s C-h' shows you a listing of all of them.

And `C-x p C-h' gives you a list of all Bookmark+ keys (other than
those specific to buffer `*Bookmark List*'), because they are *ALL* on
prefix key `C-x p'.

And `C-x p c C-h' gives you a list of all of those keys that _create_
bookmarks (`C-x p c' is the prefix key for bookmark-creation commands).

And `C-x p t C-h' gives you a list of all of the keys for _tags_
commands (`C-x p t' is the prefix key for bookmark tag-related commands).

And `C-x j C-h' and `C-x 4 j C-h' give you lists of all of the bookmark
_jump_ keys.

And `C-x j t C-h' and `C-x 4 j t C-h' give you lists of all of the
keys for _jump commands that use tags_.

And `C-x j t . C-h' gives you a list of all of the keys for jumping
to tagged bookmarks that are for the current directory.

And so on.  Now, it is also true that some of the most important
bookmarking keys are also bound to shorter key sequences.  (And the
vanilla Emacs bookmarking keys are retained.)

For example, `bookmark-jump-other-window' is bound to each of these key

C-x j j   (prefix C-x 4 j, jump commands)
C-x p g   (prefix C-x p, all bookmarking commands)
C-x r b   (vanilla binding, on prefix C-x r, which is for rectangles too)

Having everything on a single prefix key is helpful for discovery and
memory, but shorter keys are helpful for things you use frequently.



Here are the listings for both `C-h M-k bookmark-map' and `C-x p C-h'.
You can see that they list the same keys/commands.  In the first list,
for `bookmark-map', you do not see the prefix `C-x p', upon which the
whole keymap is placed.

(The intro text, which comes from vanilla Emacs, is thus misleading
when it says "It is not bound to any key by default" - in Bookmark+ it
is bound to `C-x p' by default.)

| bookmark-map
| ------------
| Keymap containing bindings to bookmark functions.
| It is not bound to any key by default: to bind it
| so that you have a bookmark prefix, just use `global-set-key' and bind a
| key of your choice to `bookmark-map'.  All interactive bookmark
| functions have a binding in this keymap.
| key             binding
| ---             -------
| C-b             bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
| C-f             bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
| RET             bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete
| C-n             bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-p             bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-u             bmkp-unlight-bookmark-here
| ESC             Prefix Command
| ,               bmkp-this-file/buffer-bmenu-list
| 0               bmkp-empty-file
| :               bmkp-choose-navlist-of-type
| =               bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point
| ?               bmkp-describe-bookmark
| B               bmkp-choose-navlist-from-bookmark-list
| E               bmkp-edit-bookmark-record
| H               bmkp-light-bookmarks
| I               bookmark-insert-location
| K               bmkp-set-desktop-bookmark
| L               bmkp-switch-bookmark-file-create
| N               bmkp-navlist-bmenu-list
| U               bmkp-unlight-bookmarks
| b               bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
| c               Prefix Command
| d               bookmark-delete
| e               edit-bookmarks
| f               bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
| g               bookmark-jump
| h               bmkp-light-bookmark-this-buffer
| i               bookmark-insert
| j               bookmark-jump-other-window
| l               bookmark-load
| m               bmkp-bookmark-set-confirm-overwrite
| n               bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| o               bookmark-jump-other-window
| p               bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| q               bookmark-jump-other-window
| r               bmkp-edit-bookmark-name-and-location
| s               bookmark-save
| t               Prefix Command
| u               bmkp-unlight-bookmark-this-buffer
| w               bookmark-write
| x               bmkp-toggle-autotemp-on-set
| y               bmkp-set-bookmark-file-bookmark
| <C-down>        bmkp-next-lighted-this-buffer-repeat
| <C-up>          bmkp-previous-lighted-this-buffer-repeat
| <delete>        bmkp-delete-bookmarks
| <down>          bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| <left>          bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
| <next>          bmkp-next-bookmark-w32-repeat
| <prior>         bmkp-previous-bookmark-w32-repeat
| <right>         bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
| <up>            bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| <wheel-down>    bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| <wheel-up>      bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| t C-y           bmkp-paste-add-tags
| t ESC           Prefix Command
| t +             Prefix Command
| t -             Prefix Command
| t 0             bmkp-remove-all-tags
| t V             bmkp-set-tag-value-for-navlist
| t c             bmkp-copy-tags
| t d             bmkp-remove-tags-from-all
| t e             bmkp-edit-tags
| t l             bmkp-list-all-tags
| t p             bmkp-paste-add-tags
| t q             bmkp-paste-replace-tags
| t r             bmkp-rename-tag
| t v             bmkp-set-tag-value
| c C-k           bmkp-wrap-bookmark-with-last-kbd-macro
| c RET           bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete
| c ESC           Prefix Command
| c F             bmkp-make-function-bookmark
| c K             bmkp-set-desktop-bookmark
| c M             bookmark-set
| c a             bmkp-autofile-set
| c f             bmkp-file-target-set
| c m             bmkp-bookmark-set-confirm-overwrite
| c s             bmkp-set-sequence-bookmark
| c u             bmkp-url-target-set
| c y             bmkp-set-bookmark-file-bookmark
| M-w             bmkp-set-snippet-bookmark
| t M-w           bmkp-copy-tags
| t - a           bmkp-untag-a-file
| t - b           bmkp-remove-tags
| t + a           bmkp-tag-a-file
| t + b           bmkp-add-tags
| c M-w           bmkp-set-snippet-bookmark

| Global Bindings Starting With C-x p:
| key             binding
| ---             -------
| C-x p C-b       bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
| C-x p C-f       bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
| C-x p RET       bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete
| C-x p C-n       bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p C-p       bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p C-u       bmkp-unlight-bookmark-here
| C-x p ESC       Prefix Command
| C-x p ,         bmkp-this-file/buffer-bmenu-list
| C-x p 0         bmkp-empty-file
| C-x p :         bmkp-choose-navlist-of-type
| C-x p =         bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point
| C-x p ?         bmkp-describe-bookmark
| C-x p B         bmkp-choose-navlist-from-bookmark-list
| C-x p E         bmkp-edit-bookmark-record
| C-x p H         bmkp-light-bookmarks
| C-x p I         bookmark-insert-location
| C-x p K         bmkp-set-desktop-bookmark
| C-x p L         bmkp-switch-bookmark-file-create
| C-x p N         bmkp-navlist-bmenu-list
| C-x p U         bmkp-unlight-bookmarks
| C-x p b         bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
| C-x p c         Prefix Command
| C-x p d         bookmark-delete
| C-x p e         edit-bookmarks
| C-x p f         bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
| C-x p g         bookmark-jump
| C-x p h         bmkp-light-bookmark-this-buffer
| C-x p i         bookmark-insert
| C-x p j         bookmark-jump-other-window
| C-x p l         bookmark-load
| C-x p m         bmkp-bookmark-set-confirm-overwrite
| C-x p n         bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p o         bookmark-jump-other-window
| C-x p p         bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p q         bookmark-jump-other-window
| C-x p r         bmkp-edit-bookmark-name-and-location
| C-x p s         bookmark-save
| C-x p t         Prefix Command
| C-x p u         bmkp-unlight-bookmark-this-buffer
| C-x p w         bookmark-write
| C-x p x         bmkp-toggle-autotemp-on-set
| C-x p y         bmkp-set-bookmark-file-bookmark
| C-x p <C-down>  bmkp-next-lighted-this-buffer-repeat
| C-x p <C-up>    bmkp-previous-lighted-this-buffer-repeat
| C-x p <delete>                  bmkp-delete-bookmarks
| C-x p <down>                    bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p <left>                    bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
| C-x p <next>                    bmkp-next-bookmark-w32-repeat
| C-x p <prior>                   bmkp-previous-bookmark-w32-repeat
| C-x p <right>                   bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
| C-x p <up>      bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p <wheel-down>              bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p <wheel-up>                bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
| C-x p t C-y     bmkp-paste-add-tags
| C-x p t ESC     Prefix Command
| C-x p t +       Prefix Command
| C-x p t -       Prefix Command
| C-x p t 0       bmkp-remove-all-tags
| C-x p t V       bmkp-set-tag-value-for-navlist
| C-x p t c       bmkp-copy-tags
| C-x p t d       bmkp-remove-tags-from-all
| C-x p t e       bmkp-edit-tags
| C-x p t l       bmkp-list-all-tags
| C-x p t p       bmkp-paste-add-tags
| C-x p t q       bmkp-paste-replace-tags
| C-x p t r       bmkp-rename-tag
| C-x p t v       bmkp-set-tag-value
| C-x p c C-k     bmkp-wrap-bookmark-with-last-kbd-macro
| C-x p c RET     bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete
| C-x p c ESC     Prefix Command
| C-x p c F       bmkp-make-function-bookmark
| C-x p c K       bmkp-set-desktop-bookmark
| C-x p c M       bookmark-set
| C-x p c a       bmkp-autofile-set
| C-x p c f       bmkp-file-target-set
| C-x p c m       bmkp-bookmark-set-confirm-overwrite
| C-x p c s       bmkp-set-sequence-bookmark
| C-x p c u       bmkp-url-target-set
| C-x p c y       bmkp-set-bookmark-file-bookmark
| C-x p M-w       bmkp-set-snippet-bookmark
| C-x p t M-w     bmkp-copy-tags
| C-x p t - a     bmkp-untag-a-file
| C-x p t - b     bmkp-remove-tags
| C-x p t + a     bmkp-tag-a-file
| C-x p t + b     bmkp-add-tags
| C-x p c M-w     bmkp-set-snippet-bookmark

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