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RE: Looking for universal completion with simple UI

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Looking for universal completion with simple UI
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 14:48:47 -0700 (PDT)

I said:

> Second, as to whether you can create your own "customizations
> to the interface" and share them with others:
> Of course you can, respecting the GNU Public License that the
> code is distributed under.  That's the whole point of GNU and
> the GPL: freely sharing source code in a reasonable and
> freedom-respecting manner.
> There are by design "a variety of ways to get started with"
> Icicles.  Setting different combinations of option values
> gives you different such ways ("starter kits").  Different
> combinations "reflect different people's perspectives on
> how" to use (or to get started with) Icicles.  If you want
> to share your preferred combination with others and call
> that the "Earl Icicles Starter Kit", go for it.  No problem.
> Likewise, if you want to customize or enhance the Icicles
> code in some way that appeals to you, and then share your
> customization code, go for it (respecting the GPL).  You
> are also welcome to submit enhancement requests for this
> or that feature or change to be made to the Icicles code.

> And no, there is nothing wrong with sharing your own
> preferred default values, or values that you think might
> be helpful as defaults for some particular set of Icicles
> users, whether starters or others.
> In sum, I am open wrt concrete suggestions about Icicles
> default values.  Alternatively, you are welcome to publish
> your own recommended set of default values.  HTH.

I should be clear too that the Icicles code is copyrighted,
in addition to being published under the GPL.  I think you
are essentially asking about sharing your personal settings
of Icicles options as a sort of suggested Icicles "starter
kit" for others, which is certainly OK.

You have posted here only anonymously, Earl. If you have
concerns or questions about customizing or sharing Icicles
code, please mail me directly.  Thx.

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