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Re: Looking for universal completion with simple UI

From: dont . spam . earl
Subject: Re: Looking for universal completion with simple UI
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 14:09:34 -0700 (PDT)
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Drew, I think I'm all set for now. I appreciate you outlining the steps for 
starting with a minimal configuration of icicles, then progressively using more 
of its functionality.

Glad to hear too that we're on the same page regarding customizations. What I 
have in mind, if I get around to it, would indeed be a "starter kit" in the way 
that we're both thinking. It would comply with both the GPL and icicles' 

Thanks again for the help. I'll be in touch if I do have any other questions.


On Monday, October 20, 2014 2:48:47 PM UTC-7, Drew Adams wrote:
> I said:
> > Second, as to whether you can create your own "customizations
> > to the interface" and share them with others:
> > 
> > Of course you can, respecting the GNU Public License that the
> > code is distributed under.  That's the whole point of GNU and
> > the GPL: freely sharing source code in a reasonable and
> > freedom-respecting manner.
> > 
> > There are by design "a variety of ways to get started with"
> > Icicles.  Setting different combinations of option values
> > gives you different such ways ("starter kits").  Different
> > combinations "reflect different people's perspectives on
> > how" to use (or to get started with) Icicles.  If you want
> > to share your preferred combination with others and call
> > that the "Earl Icicles Starter Kit", go for it.  No problem.
> > 
> > Likewise, if you want to customize or enhance the Icicles
> > code in some way that appeals to you, and then share your
> > customization code, go for it (respecting the GPL).  You
> > are also welcome to submit enhancement requests for this
> > or that feature or change to be made to the Icicles code.
> ...
> > And no, there is nothing wrong with sharing your own
> > preferred default values, or values that you think might
> > be helpful as defaults for some particular set of Icicles
> > users, whether starters or others.
> > 
> > In sum, I am open wrt concrete suggestions about Icicles
> > default values.  Alternatively, you are welcome to publish
> > your own recommended set of default values.  HTH.
> I should be clear too that the Icicles code is copyrighted,
> in addition to being published under the GPL.  I think you
> are essentially asking about sharing your personal settings
> of Icicles options as a sort of suggested Icicles "starter
> kit" for others, which is certainly OK.
> You have posted here only anonymously, Earl. If you have
> concerns or questions about customizing or sharing Icicles
> code, please mail me directly.  Thx.

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