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Re: When do you prefer frames instead of windows?

From: Ralf Fassel
Subject: Re: When do you prefer frames instead of windows?
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 18:16:08 +0100
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* Drew Adams <address@hidden>
| If you leave your mouse in the Ediff Control Panel frame then focus
| should stay there, and if you move it out of that frame, into another
| frame, then focus should leave that frame.  That should be no
| different from turning off focus-follows-mouse and clicking in a frame
| to focus it.

Agreed, and that is exactly what happens.  No fault of emacs anywhere in
sight.  Problem is completely located between chair and screen.

| Assuming that this worked (if it does not), what would the problem be
| for Ediff, for your use?

During an Ediff Session, sometimes I have to leave the Control Panel to
check something in a different window or buffer, or even on a different
desktop.  When I get back to Ediff: where is my Control Panel?  Yes, of
course it is still where I left it, upper right corner of the screen,
but obscured now by the terminal, firefox or any other odd window I
happened to raise over it during my check-something-outside-of-ediff.
And even if the Control Panel is still visible on the screen, the mouse
is no longer inside that Control Panel.

In order to get my ediff session back, I have to accurately raise the
control panel, raise emacs (I *think* they are connected somehow, so
maybe this is not necessary), place mouse accurately inside (tiny)
Control Panel, pay attention not to nudge it out of there etc etc.

Compare to single frame ediff: move mouse anywhere into (large) emacs
window, press C-M-Up, press C-L, continue with ediff.

And no, I will *not* enter a bug report for this, even if it were one ;-)


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