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Re: View log files with emacs

From: Eike
Subject: Re: View log files with emacs
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 21:13:05 +0100

Filipp Gunbin writes:

> On 17/02/2015 16:37 +0100, Eike wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I have to look at some log files more often now and was wondering if
>> there are some handy things for emacs in that regard? I'm aware of
>> log4j-mode, but couldn't find more. It's for java (logback and log4j)
>> log files so I'd like to do fold stacktraces etc and also remove certain
>> parts I'm not interested in to make the file smaller (we seem to log
>> more useless than useful stuff…).
> Hi,
> I'm not aware of special modes for e.g. java log files (although I do
> read them very often), but there are certainly some handy general
> things:
> 1) `auto-revert-tail-mode' - see its doc for the description.  Great for
> looking at a growing log.  In fact, you don't need `less' or `tail -f'
> with it any more.  See also `auto-revert-remote-files' variable.  You
> might also want to set `auto-revert-verbose' to nil.
> 2) `vlf' package (View Large Files).  See its description.  Very
> convenient for huge log files.  I use it quite rarely, though.
> 3) Combined with Tramp (and grep :) these provide enough functionality
> for me.
> Filipp

Hi Filipp,

these are very good points thanks a lot! I didn't know about the first
two, I'll look into it.


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