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Re: using use-package

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: using use-package
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 09:59:20 -0400
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>> Not sure about Cask, but IIUC elpakit will generate a package-archive,
>> whereas we just want to turn the source tree into a valid "installed ELPA
>> package" without going through "make a tarball, create an
>> archive-contents, package-install".
>> I.e. all we want (to make those packages look like they were installed
>> via package.el) is to create/update a *-pkg.el and a *-autoloads.el
>> (we can add byte-compilation, but it's not indispensable).

> Indeed. Cask doesn't have that option at the moment. It's not hard,
> though

> (let ((dir (make-temp-name "cask")))
>   (cask-cli/package dir)
>   (package-install-file
>       (concat dir
>          default-directory ".tar")))

AFAICT this again is not what I want: it takes your source code, turns
it into a tarball, then installs a copy of it elsewhere.
Whereas you'd really want the package to be installed *in place*
(e.g. so that C-h f gives you hyperlinks that jump to the actual real
editable source under version control).

> that sort of thing (untested for demonstration purposes only).  The
> easiest way to have a package look like it was installed via package.el
> is surely to install it via package.el!

But it does not mimic what you do with your "packages not
installed via package.el".


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