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org-mode questions

From: Colin Yates
Subject: org-mode questions
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 01:55:50 +0100

Hi, (newbie warning)

I am about to embark on some extensive writing (in Markdown) and
org-mode might be just the ticket for this. I particularly like the idea
of narrowing, which I understand the markdown mode doesn't offer.

I envisage my .org file having the following structure:

 * resources
 * reviews
 ** review 1
 ** ...
 ** review n
 * release
 ** Chapter 1
 ** ..
 ** Chapter n

The actual 'contents' being under 'release'.

What I want is to effectively say to org "copy everything under
'release', promote them all to top level headings and then export them
all as markdown.

I can do this manually with killing and yanking, and if I scratch my
head a bit (till it bleeds actually) then I expect I could even do this
in a function.

However, either this is a really common use-case in which I expect I am
missing something in org-mode _or_ this is a weird use-case in which
case I don't want to start and would rather be more idiomatic.

Any thoughts/guidance welcome!



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