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Re: org-mode questions

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: org-mode questions
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 10:07:42 +0800
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Colin Yates <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi, (newbie warning)
> I am about to embark on some extensive writing (in Markdown) and
> org-mode might be just the ticket for this. I particularly like the idea
> of narrowing, which I understand the markdown mode doesn't offer.
> I envisage my .org file having the following structure:
>  * resources
>  * reviews
>  ** review 1
>  ** ...
>  ** review n
>  * release
>  ** Chapter 1
>  ** ..
>  ** Chapter n
> The actual 'contents' being under 'release'.
> What I want is to effectively say to org "copy everything under
> 'release', promote them all to top level headings and then export them
> all as markdown.

The easiest thing to do will probably be to put point on "release",
start the export dispatcher, and hit "C-s" once to change the "Export
scope" to subtree. If all the contents you want are under "release",
that ought to do it. 

Another approach would be removing the subtrees you don't want, using
the "noexport" tag. But that wouldn't promote the "release" subtree to

Hope that helps! If you're likely to have more questions, there is an
org-specific mailing list at gmane.emacs.orgmode.


> I can do this manually with killing and yanking, and if I scratch my
> head a bit (till it bleeds actually) then I expect I could even do this
> in a function.
> However, either this is a really common use-case in which I expect I am
> missing something in org-mode _or_ this is a weird use-case in which
> case I don't want to start and would rather be more idiomatic.
> Any thoughts/guidance welcome!
> Thanks,
> Colin
> Sent with my mu4e

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