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Re: list-buffers behavior customization

From: Carlos Konstanski
Subject: Re: list-buffers behavior customization
Date: Fri, 6 May 2016 13:29:08 -0600
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Am 06.05.2016 um 13:18 schrieb Stefan Monnier:
>> Thanks! This solution works:
>>  '(display-buffer-alist
>>    (quote
>>     (("*Buffer*" display-buffer-same-window
>>       (allow-no-window . t)))))
> I assume you mean
>     (setq display-buffer-alist
>           '(("*Buffer*" display-buffer-same-window
>             (allow-no-window . t))))
> because the code you quoted above does nothing at all in itself (it's
> just a constant list, not a command/instruction).
>         Stefan

I copied and pasted from .emacs after using the customize-variable
doohickey within emacs. This felt like the right way to customize this


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