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Re: Help

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Help
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 01:17:57 +0200
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Dejan Jocic <> writes:

>> This sounds very odd. It should load ~/.emacs at
>> the least. If it were me I would put a message in
>> the file to verify this. Right at the top I would
>> put this. (message "[reading file ~/.emacs]") ;
>> -*-emacs-lisp-*-
> No need for that, it is obvious that it does not
> read it. For example, I have some custom appearance
> and added Melpa in my init file. It does not "see"
> it on start, but it does after I do M-x eval-buffer
> on init file.

Try instead to find out what files it *does* read.
This can help you pinpoint a user inconsistency
problem if you learn some unexpected config files are
read instead. Use the man page to find out how to put
Emacs on red-alert and maximum verboseness and then
examine the log after startup.

> I'm starting it both in terminal and in X graphical
> version. Result is same, it doesn not read init
> file, no matter which one i choose to use. So,
> neither ~/.emacs nor ~/emacs.d/init.el work.
> Of course, I do not have both in same time. Btw,
> Emacs seems to prefere ~/emacs.d/init.el cause that
> is where it autosaves. It autosaved some stuff there
> even when i had ~/.emacs. Think that it did not
> happen beffore.

... didn't you say you were on Windows 10?

On a Unix system this sounds like a file, user, link,
or path problem.

The file: see if there isn't a byte-compiled version
(with an ".elc" extension) that gets loaded instead!
(And verify that you systems shows the correct time,
with 'date'.)

In the shell, run 'whoami' and 'echo $USER'.
Then check the `user-login-name' and
`user-real-login-name' variables in Emacs.

Also examine what happens when you type "emacs" -
track down the binary with 'type' (in bash) or
'whence' (in zsh) - if it is a link, track it further
with 'readlink -e LINK' - I have a zsh function to do
this all at once, if you happen to use zsh [1].

Last examine $PATH (left-to-right) and `load-path'.
Everything looks good? Can you load stuff from
~/.emacs.d/ with `load', for example? I don't think
Emacs needs `load-path' to find the initial init file
(whoa), but instead just uses HOME, but it can't hurt
to have them paths correct as well.


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