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Re: purpose and usage of secondary-selection ???

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: purpose and usage of secondary-selection ???
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 23:34:58 +0200
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ken <> writes:

> What is/are the purpose(s) of a secondary-selection?
> What can be done with a secondary-selection...? and how to do them?

It's just a secondary...selection, not much different from the primary
one.  The main purpose is, I think, to provide an interface to the
secondary selection some window systems provide.  If your window system
doesn't support a secondary selection, it's not of much use per se in
Emacs.  But some people like having another separate selection, and as
already has been mentioned, you can develop nice personal
working/editing styles around it.  But it can do nothing that could not
be achieved in other ways - if more or less comfortably is mostly a
matter of taste and your Emacs configuration (for example, your value of
`mouse-yank-at-point', if you have a good mean to get "back where I had
been before" etc.) and your working habits.

I used to use secondary selections some time ago, but then I stopped
using it because it sucked that I could not access it from outside
Emacs, so I found ways to substitute it with other stuff (like


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