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Re: purpose and usage of secondary-selection ???

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: purpose and usage of secondary-selection ???
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 17:14:24 +0000

It showed. You also got a reply.

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016, 12:56 PM ken <> wrote:

> Sometimes while typing on my laptop I accidentally brush against the
> touchpad and inadvertantly mess up something.  Today, while not even
> emacs, this happened, affecting what happened in an emacs frame which
> previously didn't even have the focus.
> What I ended up in that emacs frame was that a random section of text
> was set to background yellow.  Investigating further, I found that text
> with the yellow background was a secondary-selection.  But I couldn't
> find anything in the Help screens describing anything about it, except
> its properties.  So here are my questions:
> What is/are the purpose(s) of a secondary-selection?
> What can be done with a secondary-selection...? and how to do them?
> How do I undo this secondary-selection... i.e., make the selection go
> away without changing the file/buffer in any way?
> Thanks much.
> Note: I sent this same email to the group on Tuesday, but it never
> showed.  Has the server been down?
> --

Kaushal Modi

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