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Re: Can't load any color themes in emacs 25

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Can't load any color themes in emacs 25
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 10:07:47 -0800
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* Tim Johnson <> [160925 11:26]:
> I've installed GNU Emacs 25.1.1 on ubuntu 14.04.
> The previous version is 24.3.1
> The default color scheme is great, but running load-theme for any
> installed theme does not give me the color scheme that I expect.
> *Messages* shows nothing of concern on startup. The background
> remains light.
> I would guess that some setting has a value that is forcing the
> background to a something close to white, (regardless of theme
> selection) but don't know where to look for it.


I have not _found_ the problem, but I've eliminated the symptoms, so
to speak. I removed the Custom section from my init file. As soon as
that was done, switching color themes showed correct fontification.

I saved the original init file, in case someone might (for their
edification or because they're an emacs developer team member) be
interested in looking at the custom section.

I would add that I've had numerous problems with loading desktop
files that were created in version 24. (I keep a desktop file for
every project). In some cases, I've just recreated the "project
file" and in other cases there have been error messages regarding
symbol names that have lead me to sections of the file that contain
such a symbol name, and I've just deleted the enclosing form.

I've been know to get crabby about "featuritis" and frequent
updates, but all in all; I am so far favorably impressed with the


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