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Emacs modules 25.1

From: Mambo Levis
Subject: Emacs modules 25.1
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 18:07:36 +0000 (UTC)

I tested (in Windows) the example from Aurélien Aptel 
( with gcc at it runs as 
Now, I would like to create a C++ wrapper, but I not quite sure if it is 
possible. Questions:
1. Is it possible to create a C++ wrapper around emacs_modules?2. I am trying 
to build the same example using g++ and the following error appears:
 make SO=dllg++ -ggdb3 -ID:\user\emacs-src\emacs-25-branch-src/src -c 
mymod.cmymod.c: In function 'int 
emacs_module_init(emacs_runtime*)':mymod.c:55:45: error: invalid conversion 
from 'emacs_value_tag* (*)(emacs_env*, int, emacs_value_tag**, void*) {aka 
emacs_value_tag* (*)(emacs_env_25*, int, emacs_value_tag**, void*)}' to 
'emacs_value_tag* (*)(emacs_env*, ptrdiff_t, emacs_value_tag**, void*) {aka 
emacs_value_tag* (*)(emacs_env_25*, long long int, emacs_value_tag**, void*)}' 
[-fpermissive]                                         NULL);                   
                          ^Makefile:42: recipe for target 'mymod.o' failedmake: 
*** [mymod.o] Error 1
It corresponds to the following code (I remarked the part associated with the 
 (struct emacs_runtime *ert){  emacs_env *env = ert->get_environment (ert);
  /* create a lambda (returns an emacs_value) */  emacs_value fun = 
env->make_function (env,                                        0,              
Fmymod_test,                                        "doc",                      
                  NULL);  bind_function (env, "mymod-test", fun);  provide 
(env, "mymod");
/* loaded successfully */  return 0;}
Do you have any Idea or recommendation? 

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