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Re: Rmail: 'reply' vs 'reply-all'?

From: Christopher Pinon
Subject: Re: Rmail: 'reply' vs 'reply-all'?
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 20:00:08 +0100

Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

>> From: Christopher Pinon <>
>> suggests (on my reading) that typing 'r' will add the 'CC' field to the
>> header if the incoming message contains recipients in this field. In
>> contrast, typing 'C-u r' will omit the 'CC' field entirely.
>> Unfortunately, in my testing, typing 'r' (like 'C-u r') omits the 'CC'
>> field when the incoming message contains recipients in this field, and I
>> have to add this field manually if I want to have it.
> That's not what I see here, with Rmail: 'r' responds to the "From"
> address, and places all the addresses from "To" and "CC" (if any) in
> the "CC" field of the response.  "C-u r" produces a response with a
> single address in "To", and no "CC".
> I wonder why this doesn't happen to you.  Maybe you have some
> customizations which cause this?

I have very few customizations to begin with, and certainly none that
redefine 'reply' functions (am using stock Emacs 25.1). No fancy stuff

I just did some further tests, sending mail to myself from other
accounts, putting multiple recipients in "CC" and/or "To". The behavior
is the same: 'r' just puts the sender into "To". :-(

I recall experimenting with Rmail last year using Emacs 24.5, and I
witnessed the same behavior as now regarding 'r' (again, during my
tests). In fact, last year I gave up on Rmail for this reason, but now
decided to try again.

Strange. I guess that I have to do further tests. (Otherwise I like

Thanks for your reply.


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