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How to debug elisp code written using the "deferred" package

From: Jeff Rush
Subject: How to debug elisp code written using the "deferred" package
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2017 04:54:22 -0600
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I'm new to elisp programming but I've decided to tackle work on the
package, which uses the deferred.el package.  I'm getting an error in
one of the
deferred handlers but can't figure out which one.  I need to be able to
have the
error me into the Emacs debugger upon an error signal.

1. How can I set the 'deferred:debug' variable to t from within the
    package?  Simply doing the following does not work.

    (setq deferred:debut t)

2. How can I set the deferred package to drop into the debugger upon an
    The following does not seem to work:

   (setq deferred:debug-on-signal t)

I also tried editing the source for deferred.el directly to change those
values but
still cannot get into the debugger.  I just get a brief error message in
the message
without about insufficient args for a format string with no clue as to
where it

Any advice please?  I've tried to find more advance documentation on the
package, without luck.



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