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Re: spell make it work emacs on AppleMac

From: Aleksandar Simic
Subject: Re: spell make it work emacs on AppleMac
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 12:08:52 +0100

Hello Richard

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:50 AM, Richard Smith <> wrote:

> On AppleMac "Air" - laptop - using as-installed emacs.
> ESC-x ispell not working - nor any other spell command.  Have lived
> for years without "spell" program in emacs
> Then couple of days ago, got surprise when accidentally pressed what
> must have been the ESC-tab command - and got spell-check on preceding
> word.

The default config for spell checking a word is M-$.

With default Emacs install that comes on OS X, ESC-TAB which is M-TAB runs
the command lisp-complete-symbol.

Not sure about your setup.

Maybe run M-x describe-key M-TAB to see what the key is bound on your Emacs.

> So ispell is installed?

What does "which ispell" tell you?

> Can I get it to work?

I don't think that ispell is installed by default. So you're left with the
option of installing a spell checker for Emacs for yourself.

I'd advise you to install aspell, because it can spell check camel cased

See this about the different options:

And see this write up with further details:

PS - does it make more sense to install a full unix?
> Miss GnuPlot, xfig, the GIMP, etc.

You have many options on how to install the software you mention above.
Look into Homebrew and pkgsrc

Hope that helps

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