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Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines
Date: Wed, 03 May 2017 02:57:49 +0200
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Bob Proulx wrote:

>> If you're like me, you get a whole lot of
>> spam. You need to scan the subject lines in
>> your INBOX to decide what's spam and what's
>> ham. If you have to open an email to decide
>> because the subject line is inconclusive,
>> that's bad.
> I think this is an XY problem. The underlying
> problem is that you are getting too much
> spam. That is bad and should be solved.
> And a secondary problem is not filtering mail
> by mailing list. That is something this emacs
> help topic list can help with fixing.

Sure can :)

> I see that you are using gnus. Could another
> gnus user make a suggestion as to how Carlos
> can improve the gnus work flow to be able to
> read through help-gnu-emacs mail more
> efficiently and effectively?


Gmane has been mentioned in *three* posts by
now :)

underground experts united

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