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Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines
Date: Wed, 03 May 2017 19:25:52 -0400
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Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

> Bob Proulx <address@hidden> writes:
>> But Gmane has been discontinued since last July
>> 2016. It is not currently an option for people.
>> Offline for most of the past year.
>> For those wishing to read up on the saga these three
>> in this order should get you up to speed on things.
>> I was sad to see Lars discontinue Gmane. It was
>> a good resource.
> For his work on Gnus and Gmane, Lars is a *legend*
> were it so to stop forever tomorrow. But it hasn't
> stopped and God willing it won't. I have been using it
> all this time and I still am, I am typing this in
> a message buffer hooked to !

AFAIK, Lars has dissociated himself from Gmane, but he has given the
spool to a couple of people who are trying to bring everything back
(with a new implementation). The NNTP part of this works fine (I too
read the mailing list as a news group from gmane), but there is a lot
of work still to be done (e.g. search does *not* work afaik). The new
people set up a blog (https://home/ but there has been no
progress update since last September. I hope they are still working on

> Usenet was one of the best things ever and in many
> ways Gmane is better, at least in terms of technology.
> In terms of the content, it is both better and worse.
> It is better because it is much more to the point,
> less flame wars etc. One should then remember that
> Usenet was once thought of as a very disciplined
> place. Gmane and the listbots-as-newsgroups is
> super-disciplined then, I suppose. The drawback is
> that on groups like for example
> there is tons of off-topic discussions that are
> actually healthy and very interesting. That culture is
> lost here to a great extent. But not entirely; compare
> the SX Q&A sites where there is no culture whatsoever,
> actually it is impossible, built-in in the
> architecture. Those sites are very useful, so it is
> not an issue of what is better. As for me, I always
> wanted the culture *and* the technology. Just because
> I do computers doesn't mean I am a computer or want to
> be one. Did I find the culture? Well, Gnus and Gmane
> and listbots-as-newsgroups as well as real Usenet
> groups (aioe, also thru Gnus) are the closest I got.
> Perhaps it is a lost cause, because
>     you can fire your arrows from the tower of Babel,
>     but you can NEVER strike God


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