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Re: [Emacs] request: better subject lines

From: Danny YUE
Subject: Re: [Emacs] request: better subject lines
Date: Wed, 03 May 2017 17:49:00 +0800
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On 2017-05-03 08:49, address@hidden wrote:
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> On Tue, May 02, 2017 at 11:12:05PM +0800, Danny YUE wrote:
> [...]
>> Sharp, but makes sense.
> Sorry if it came across as "sharp". On a second reading I see what
> you mean. That wasn't my intention.
> See, I'm in this business for long enough and have seen this pattern
> (degradating mail for all of us just for not knowing what is out
> there). I'll refrain from enumerating all the examples but this
> one: Microsoft, insisting on doing message threading based on
> Subject instead of on Message-ID, just because their @#&%$ mail
> client is too broken to correctly "do" Message-ID ultimately forces
> their lower standard on all of us.
> Now one can argue that some agents (Microsoft is surely among them,
> but far from alone) have a deep financial stake on keeping mail semi-
> broken: after all it's a decentral service, well-established, difficult
> to silo. But seeing ourselves, who should be fighting to keep the last
> few really free services out there in a working order following the
> same pattern makes me... sad. Sometimes a bit angry. Sorry again.
> I'll try to control my temper better the next time.
>> Just take myself as an example: I am using mu4e in Emacs for viewing
>> emails. It has information about "List" which shows which mailing list a
>> new email comes from.
>> So I can definitely recognize this is from "EmacsUser" list and open
>> it...
>> You see, try some tools out and it may not be a problem any more.
> Thanks for offering a constructive possibility :-)
> regards
> - -- tomás
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> =lcMr

I believe there is a misunderstanding here, and I apologize if my
expression made this happen.
In fact I wanted to say "I agree with you". Maybe I should have put this
line in front of my last email ;)

I took myself as an example to show that using (and making) better tool
makes more sense than forcing every other human being to follow one
pattern that cannot be easily judged better or worse.

Personally I do not think adding [TAG] into the subject line is a good
idea, because that is more like a personal preference than something
which really brings benefits. Some people favor it, some people hate
it, some others don't really care, more of a taste instead of

Sorry again for unclear message.


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