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Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [GNU-Emacs] request: better subject lines
Date: Thu, 04 May 2017 17:40:29 +0200
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allan gottlieb wrote:

> Put a pattern for list-id. It is easy to do
> with customize.

Compared with Gmane, where you just add the
mailing list from a long list of everything
available, mucking around with regular
expressions based on header values etc.
isn't easy. At least not fast. Such thing can
also be subject to change.

But there are several other advantages with
Gmane compared to mail splitting:

    1) Not getting registered on all those
       mailing lists, fiddling with accounts
       and password and autoreplies and God
       knows what; likewise no messy
       "unsubscription" thru web or mail
       interfaces, instead just

    2) You don't get everything (every single
       message) to you hard drive. Based on the
       Subject line, you can pick and choose
       whatever. I'm onto so many mailing lists
       if I didn't get them as newsgroups it
       would be unbarrable getting them all.
       Like first thing of the day/night would
       be wait for ages while all those zillion
       messages are downloaded...

    3) No web search required to find new
       lists/groups (OK, related to what
       I wrote in the first paragraph)

    4) And more...

underground experts united

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