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Re: Using "Emacs Configure" **and** modifying .emacs

From: Dan Espen
Subject: Re: Using "Emacs Configure" **and** modifying .emacs
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 15:08:44 -0400
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Drew Adams <> writes:

>> > (IMHO, *everyone* should use variable `custom-file', to
>> > keep Customize away from their init file.)
>> I'm doing fine using customize and manual changes to .emacs.
> I guess you mean that you use Customize and make manual
> changes to your init file, but you do not use `custom-file'. 
>> Emacs keeps all it's changes in one place in the .emacs
>> without any special care on my part.  So far anyway.
> Yes, it does.  And provided you make your manual changes only
> in _other_ places in the file, the two of you can cohabit that
> space copacetically.  Certainly doable.  Been there; done that.
> But is it generally a good idea to let a program modify a file
> that you also edit manually?

Maybe, Emacs seems to manage the situation.

> IMO, that's just asking for trouble, like using the same
> container for cleaning fluid and fruit juice, making sure to
> wash it carefully in between.  Doable.  But not worth it.
> And it provides NO benefit (that I can see).  What reason is
> there NOT to just point to a separate sandbox for Customize
> to play with and mess around in?  Simple, one-time.  End of
> story.  No?

The benefit is having all your customizations in one place.

No need to email me, I'm reading Usenet

Dan Espen

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