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Re: Emacs startup suddenly slower

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs startup suddenly slower
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 01:16:57 +0200
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John Mastro wrote:

> I suspect this is from its behavioral
> analysis features but I've tried adding Emacs
> to its various exception lists without luck.
> The only thing that restores the lower
> startup time is to completely kill the
> antivirus program, which is unacceptable, so
> I just live with it.

Startup time is also a bit irrelevant, even
83s, as typically what you'd do is simply turn
it (Emacs) on and then keep it running.
Uptime, remember?

PS. Why do you want to run an antivirus program
    each time you start Emacs? Is that a new
    vulnerable interface where the crackers
    lay their attentions?

PPS. Here are my times executing the following
     command. N.B. that is the Unix shell tool
     time(1), available in the repos, and not
     the 'time' of a shell like bash or zsh.

     With customization and extention:

         /usr/bin/time --format=%es --output=times.txt --append emacs -eval 
'(save-buffers-kill-terminal t)'


     Without it, the -Q option:

         /usr/bin/time --format=%es --output=times.txt --append emacs -eval 
'(save-buffers-kill-terminal t)'

     But those 12.84s have no meaning.
     I've "lost" considerably more time doing
     those tests and writing this post.

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         it never stays the same   /
         or is it just a game      /
         a life with love and pain
         (Captain Hollywood Project,

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