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Re: Command line open does not use find-file anymore?

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: Command line open does not use find-file anymore?
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:47:01 +0200
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"Everton J. Carpes" <> writes:

> Until emacs 24 I was able to customize file opening using an "advice"
> around find-file. It was working for opening from inside emacs and also
> from command line.
> I use this to deal with common error reports, which are presented in
> "filename:lineno" syntax. The suggestion to do this can be found here:


By "command line" you refer to starting a new emacs session or invoking
the emacs server with emacsclient?

The documentation says that find-file is used when visiting a file from
the command line (i.e. when you start emacs providing a file name). It
also mentions de syntax +LINE and +LINE:COLUMN for jumping to a specific
positiong. Here is an excerpt from the relevant info node:

C.1 Action Arguments

Here is a table of action arguments:

     Visit FILE using ‘find-file’.  *Note Visiting::.

     When Emacs starts up, it displays the startup buffer in one window,
     and the buffer visiting FILE in another window (*note Windows::).
     If you supply more than one file argument, the displayed file is
     the last one specified on the command line; the other files are
     visited but their buffers are not shown.

     If the startup buffer is disabled (*note Entering Emacs::), then
     FILE is visited in a single window if one file argument was
     supplied; with two file arguments, Emacs displays the files in two
     different windows; with more than two file argument, Emacs displays
     the last file specified in one window, plus a Buffer Menu in a
     different window (*note Several Buffers::).  To inhibit using the
     Buffer Menu for this, change the variable
     ‘inhibit-startup-buffer-menu’ to ‘t’.

     Visit FILE using ‘find-file’, then go to line number LINENUM in it.

     Visit FILE using ‘find-file’, then go to line number LINENUM and
     put point at column number COLUMNNUM.

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