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Re: dired-hide-details-mode have no effect suddenly

From: Tomas Nordin
Subject: Re: dired-hide-details-mode have no effect suddenly
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 22:49:06 +0200

Tomas Nordin <> writes:

> "Charles A. Roelli" <> writes:
>> I had the same issue once.  I had mistakenly added to the global value
>> of the variable 'font-lock-extra-managed-props' in some of my own code
>> for a buffer-local minor mode, instead of making the variable
>> buffer-local.  That resulted in dired-hide-details-mode breaking (and
>> a month's worth of confusion).
> Ok, my value is nil of that variable in dired, will check it when I get
> the problem next time, thanks. But I never touched that variable as far
> as I am aware.

And now suddenly...

font-lock-extra-managed-props is a variable defined in ‘font-lock.el’.
Its value is (invisible composition)

... and problem is back. Who has changed it I don't know. I know that it
has happened around doing some magit.

Cool, resetting that variable to nil removes the problem. But still,
hmm, ehh.

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