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Re: Modify text appearance (put spaces after commas just for display)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Modify text appearance (put spaces after commas just for display)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 13:40:21 +0200
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t wrote:

> I have the hunch that there are some
> fundamental differences between people which
> somehow shine through to what kind of
> language and culture they gravitate to.
> Oversimplified, there are the Java types and
> the Lisp types, or the Python types and the
> Perl types (note that those two last
> languages are pretty similar, which at first
> sight makes this rift the more paradoxical,
> but the language cultures are utterly
> different), or the Eclipse types, the vi
> types and the Emacs types.

I agree Perl and Python are similar to some
degree, Perl is older and more classy tho
(1987 to Python's 1991), Perl being the
original "P" of the LAMP stack.

I have used both Perl and Python but very
little, however not being an OO guy and
detesting the forced indentation of Python
(indentation of course being mandatory still)
I give Perl the upper hand.

For sure, there is no comparing Lisp to Java
they don't even belong in the same sentence,
which is why I made this one intentionally

But, what you call "fundamental differences
between people" I call the old elitism and
snobbism and the fact that there just are
technologies of different caliber - just like
the ice-hockey team of Russia is superior to
England's, and the English rugby team is better
than ditto Russian - and I have no issues with
that whatsoever - perhaps because I myself
always used what was at the top of the pecking
order :)

> If my hunch is correct, then there's no
> "right" language

There isn't any right or wrong, but there is
a pecking order.

> and religion wars over that are just a waste
> of time.

Religious wars are a "waste of time", but what
isn't, in the end? And can you really waste
time, since doing something else the same
amount of time will waste the same amount of
time? If you enjoy the flame wars, I suppose
that's the reason to do it.

If you care about *the perception* of time
throw the computer into a rock wall and be done
with it.

>> Or well, not exactly like "any" code,
>> because having code like that isn't healthy.
>> It is un-ergonomic for the brain as well as
>> the body.
> See? That's where we disagree on. Easy to
> learn isn't always the same as easy to use,

OK? Well, having code look like that will make
it a much bigger effort to deal with and your
fingers/shoulders/eyes/brain, your whole being
will suffer from this for no reason, because
there is no reason for code to look like that.

underground experts united

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