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Re: want a file format easily edited and read by emacs that allows (mult

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: want a file format easily edited and read by emacs that allows (multiple) pictures to be included
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 21:08:34 +0100
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Marcin Borkowski wrote:

> I agree that Org is usually not the best
> choice if you happen to know LaTeX. OTOH, how
> often do you collaborate (as in: co-author
> papers/books) with people who don't speak
> (La)TeX?

Well, it is underground *experts* united...

> Also, certain aspects of editing are much
> more enjoyable in Org than in LaTeX

Are you kidding me? :) If it weren't for the
insane pleasure and perfectionist potential of
typing and editing LaTeX I wouldn't do it for
one second!

And that is the reason some of your students
probably spend as much time on typesetting
their papers as they do on the research

> (doable with JS, of course, if that's your
> thing).

Ha ha.

> And by the way, I think that LaTeX cannot do
> what my humble snippet does if the file in
> question is binary. (You'd need LuaLaTeX for
> that, and I think this is a nice exercise.
> It's a pity I didn't have that idea when my
> friend, who wrote a book on LuaLaTeX, asked
> me about possible use examples.)

I have no experience with such "interactive
documents". I'm too old-school for that. But if
But granted I have no idea how to do any of
that in either LaTeX or any combination of
technology with HTML.

> I would suggest resisting the temptation to
> form opinions without spending a few minutes
> on research first.

Just a few minutes? Because it feels I just
spent half the day talking about it!

underground experts united

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