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Eshell: Alias in Dollars Expansion?

From: Christopher Howard
Subject: Eshell: Alias in Dollars Expansion?
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 17:59:51 -0900

Hi, in eshell I can do this:

~/Repos/guile-td $ alias git-brief git rev-parse --short HEAD
~/Repos/guile-td $ git-brief

But the alias doesn't seem to work in a dollars expansion:

~/Repos/guile-td $ echo ${git-brief}

No catch for tag: eshell-replace-command, (let ((eshell-command-name
(quote "git-brief")) (eshell-command-arguments (quote nil)) (eshell-
prevent-alias-expansion (quote ("git-brief")))) (eshell-trap-errors
(eshell-named-command "git" (list "rev-parse" "--short" "HEAD"))))

Why not?


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