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[xref.el] Add `xref-find-references` to `xref-prompt-for-identifier`

From: Ray
Subject: [xref.el] Add `xref-find-references` to `xref-prompt-for-identifier`
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2017 13:13:49 -0800

Currently, xref-find-references prompts for the identifier to look up,
because it is not listed in xref-prompt-for-identifier:

(defcustom xref-prompt-for-identifier '(not xref-find-definitions

It will be much core convenient to add xref-find-references in the list.

Many language servers now support finding references. The typical
usage of lsp-mode is to put point at some identifier and hit a
shortcut (by default M-?) to trigger xref-find-references. The prompt
is in many cases undesired.

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