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How do I set a timeout for `ffap-machine-p'?

From: Daniel King
Subject: How do I set a timeout for `ffap-machine-p'?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 12:33:10 -0400


I can rather easily make Emacs unresponsive for tens of seconds. I would like 
to prevent this behavior. I have isolated the cause of the behavior. I can also 
reproduce this behavior in vanilla Emacs:

1. start emacs: `emacs --no-init-file'
2. switch to the scratch buffer
3. type `' on an empty line
4. move point to the `g' in `’ 
5. execute `M-x find-file-at-point’

The messages buffer shows:

    Pinging (British Indian Ocean Territory)...
    ffap-machine-p: Failed connect: Operation timed out

If I smash C-g several times I can prevent the second message from appearing; 
however, doing so does not seem to decrease the time I spend waiting. In fact, 
I would expect C-g to immediately cancel the network operation. I just timed 
this and I had to wait 80 seconds before Emacs responded to my commands.

Anyway, I’d like to set the timeout for `ffap-machine-p' to 1 second. For now, 
I’ve disabled this by setting `ffap-machine-p-known' to `'reject'.

I looked around a bit at docs for `open-network-stream', but don’t see anyway 
to specify a timeout. Moreover, there does not appear to be any way to 
configure the call within `ffap-machine-p', 


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