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tell use-package not to install stuff

From: emacs-list-18
Subject: tell use-package not to install stuff
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 20:59:11 +0100
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 i need a little help to convince use-package *not* to install auctex
 when i have tex disabled in my init.el.
 init.el is hosted in a git repository, and is used on various machines.

 The init.el snippet in question:
  (use-package tex
    :if (my-enable-latex)
    ;; defer loading till on of the following commands is used.
    :commands (latex-mode tex-mode)
    :ensure auctex

  The thing is: tex and auctex are not loaded if my-enable-latex returns
  nil, but it installs it if it happens that init.el gets
  compiled. Hmpf. Not what i want.

  What i need is this: On a new install of emacs (on a vm, for example)
  with my init.el i want use-package to do nothing when
  (my-enable-latex) yields nil, no matter if init.el gets compiled or

  I think i misunderstood what use-package does here, can anyone bring
  me some enlightenment here, please? :-)



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