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Re: Fatal error 11: Segmentation Fault

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Fatal error 11: Segmentation Fault
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2019 16:34:32 +0200
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tomas wrote:

> And here you see the price you pay for your
> above decision. If every (module, file, call
> them how you want) "taked care" of its
> dependencies, you'd have more independency
> among all those moving parts.

Well, maybe - I haven't seen "the alternative"
recently, so I don't know. But even if the
alternative made binary search super-easy and
fast, it is still a matter of principle.
I write code for the case when it works, not
for the case when it doesn't.
Speaking generally, that is...

> You pay a price for this approach too [1],
> nothing comes for free. But this latter
> approach seems to be current consensus for
> more complex systems.

... what approaches are there, again?

I know my approach, it is the
every-file-for-itself then byte-compile.
Does it have a name? If not, let's call it the
bricklayer approach as `require's are piled as
bricks in a wall :)

What pros and cons do the different approaches,
including mine, have?

underground experts united

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