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the English language part 2 (was: Re: title-case function)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: the English language part 2 (was: Re: title-case function)
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019 15:58:27 +0200
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Jean-Christophe Helary wrote:

> And honestly, the fact that developers
> generally don't consider english strings as
> exceptions in the world of symbolic
> expressions is the main reason why emacs's
> internationalization lags so far behind other
> projects. So why not start where it is easy
> to start ?

Eh - "Emacs's Internationalization"?

Even the French Situationists realized the
futility of poster/slogan politics and
discontinued their international in 1972. [1]

It _is_ Anglo-American! The Germans and French
already do it, and the Russians are coming
strong, as are many, many others!

The only ones that are a bit behind are the
Spanish-speaking world - which is a bit
surprising, as every third or so of their words
are all but identical to the English equivalent
- or put it the other way around, if you wish -
_anyhow they will come as well_, it is
inevitable and _it's all good_.

Stop being in denial!


underground experts united

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