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Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 08:54:20 +0100
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* M.R.P. zensky <> [2019-10-29 23:06]:
> Hello I wondering what the best mail client is for me to use. I do
> not want to use gnus. I just want a really good mail client that can
> handle pop and map. Can Rmail support POP and Imap? Should I look
> elsware?

Well... I also wonder about that.

For me, so far, the best way to handle large amounts of emails is
using emacs-libvterm module and mutt email client under
the libvterm within emacs.

I am using Maildirs, for which Emacs does not have support, see

In my setup every conversation is saved to the ~/Maildir folder
correspoding to the email, like ~/Maildir/ then I can
quickly open up previous conversation with the user.

Rmail reads from rmail/mbox file. Not from IMAP. POP you should not
even use, change your provider if you are offered POP. Use always
secure connections to IMAP.

movemail software can move from IMAP to local folder. movemail utility
you may find in GNU Mailutils, being better than the movemail bundled
with the Emacs, see it works like charm, and
it is GNU. It can do some serious magic in handling emails.

My fcrontab entry is:

@ 5 /home/data1/protected/bin/rcd/move-mail.lisp

which is outside script that runs movemail for few IMAP boxes, and
moves mail to local ~/Maildir but you could adapt it to move mail to
local mbox file. Then you could read it with Rmail, which is quite
good in handling emails, but not reliable for me, as I am accessing
emails sometimes with multiple instances of mutt or other tools.

There are other packages for email handling in Emacs, you could look
in list of packages, like Wonderlust and MH-E which is I think built
in package. MH-E is better than Rmail in my opinion, it has good
features and handling of emails, see info for: mh-e

Yet those I cannot use, as I am using Maildir format, for me, mutt is
great solution, and it is running within Emacs frame.


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