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Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

From: VanL
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 19:10:41 +1100
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Emanuel Berg writes:

> VanL wrote:
>> The inbox has 5 emails, 1 unread.
> What Gnus mail backend do you use?

Gnus mail uses imap.  The last nntp posting to here was immediate.  The
one before had 3 minute delay.

> Yes, why do you try to fetch 24 000+
> articles? :O

That large number counts all that is available, I get a prompt and pick
say 33 articles from that.

> Try this:
> (setq gnus-interactive-catchup nil)
> Then when you have been away from a group for
> a while, in the Gnus group hit `c' for
> `gnus-group-catchup-current' to get a fresh
> start :)

Will try that.  Thanks.

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