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3D Emacs?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: 3D Emacs?
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 16:35:48 +0100
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Did anyone do 3D Emacs, using any
3D technology?

It seems the military-cinematic complex has
discontinued their drive for 3D, with close to
zero movies being showed in 3D, at least in my
city, in recent months, whereas for many years
they were, to use the textbook words,
"ubiquitous", a "plethora" of 3D movies! [1]

Now, even sure bets like
"Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker" was only shown
in 3D for a very short while, then only in 2D,
and the current "Sonic the Hedgehog" doesn't
even seem to be available in 3D to begin
with... [2] Unthinkable, just one year ago!

I have to take it back from them, somehow.

(Heh, I suppose this is the kind of story one
shouldn't tell, but I did LSD once and Emacs in
a Linux VT with the projector and font lock,
and psitrance from the speakers, and the beauty
was just breathtaking, it was more than 3D, the
text floated in the air and glowed and bussed
with the music...)

Anyway in an attempt to make sense of the 3D
technology available, I wrote this [last] on
IRC. I was thinking about the anaglyph
approach, because one can specify the colors in
a Linux VT with great refinement (0-255 for
each of RGB, i.e. your everyday hex computer
color code, e.g. #636e1a for army green),
shouldn't it then just come down to learning
just what red/cyan or green/magenta colors it
should be, for your specific anaglyph product?
Especially since Infitec seems to have improved
the anaglyph approach to a large degree, if one
believes what I write below...

<incal> re: 3D cinema technology/methods:
        1) ancient-school
        side-by-side/cross-eye stereoscope,
        2) old-school anaglyph glasses
        (red/cyan or green/magenta lenses,
        anyway poor 3D so why bother),
        3) active glasses which blocks
        left/right upon receiving a periodic
        signal from the 3D gear (I think this
        is what IMAX does), 4) polarized
        glasses (let thru according to the
        direction of the light, i.e. the light
        intended for the left eye is
        perpendicular to the light intended

<incal> for the right eye, also requires
        special gear - I think this is what
        I have at my local cinemas, or _had_
        before they all dropped 3D that is...),
        and 5) Infitec glasses which is an
        upgrade of the anaglyph idea but uses
        a more advanced/better RGB scheme.
        the Blu-ray 3D version of
        "Battle Angel Alita" that I found
        shows two side-by-side frames, so what
        does that

<incal> mean? I get a stereoscope and its 3D?
        one can play it in one frame with
        mplayer with -vo gl:stereo=1 and the
        result is something that might look
        like poor 3D with anaglyph glasses,
        only I don't have any so can't try...
        I have two polaroids and one pair from
        IMAX, but as expected, they won't help
        without the special treatment...


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