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Re: disable, replace binding in method-map

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: disable, replace binding in method-map
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 16:16:03 +0300
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peter hodgson <> wrote:
>  1. `set-input-method` + `greek-babel` 
>               turns an emacs buffer from U:** to BGU:
>      the entire keyboard is transformed to type greek;
>        most bindings are obvious- a = alpha, b = beta ...
>        but a few are handled differently from other greek maps i work with,
>                 and these are the ones i want to a. preempt, then b.replace;
>                 a. theta- j, sigma- s/c,  ksi-x, chi-q
>                 b.        q         s         c      x

>  can't i do the same with greek-babel?

Sure, you can.  But itʼs semantically unclean to tamper with an input method, 
that is what it is for a good reason, and is named accordingly.  Define a new 
one instead.

>  1. for theta (i won't need to remap 'j', 
>         but i must preempt 'q' so i can give it a new job here 

I donʼt quite get, what you want here.

> input-method-greek-babel-map

Where have you found it?

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