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icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect

From: arvid-harnack
Subject: icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 19:08:45 +0200 (CEST)

I get it.  It means "fuck all" in the end, when maintainers decide not to give 
a care about users. 

Nobody is bothered, nobody gives a fuck. 

How can people get into emacs if they have to do all these shitty hacks to turn 
things on or off.

One day there will be so much shit that people with trash it rather than trying 
to figure out what

the fuck is going on with the code.  Texinfo has got a similar problem.  It has 
became too

difficult and complicated to think of delving in the code.

From: Jean Louis <>
Subject: Re: icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect
Date: 19/06/2021 18:43:59 Europe/Paris
Cc: Philip Kaludercic <>;

Without entering into your drama:

Emacs is the advanced, extensible, customizable, self-documenting

Thus if you want icomplete vertical mode just make your own command:

(defun my-icomplete ()
(icomplete-mode 1)
(icomplete-vertical-mode 1))

Then: M-x my-icomplete


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