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icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect

From: arvid-harnack
Subject: icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2021 13:47:34 +0200 (CEST)

I sent the bug report because I did not simply want a solution for me 

We have to recognise the apparent surprise to some Emacs developers, when 
pointing out

that some capabilities are difficult to discover and use. 

From: Jean Louis <>
Subject: Re: icomplete-vertical-mode not taking effect
Date: 20/06/2021 13:30:30 Europe/Paris
Cc: Philip Kaludercic <>;
   help-gnu-emacs <>;
   Yuri Khan <>

* <> [2021-06-20 14:21]:
> It is also likely that my struggles are not isolated.  There
> exist many states with hidden side effects and interactions
> everywhere) that writing extensions for it is much harder than it
> should be. It has enough history and a smart enough user base to
> have a lot of cool functionality, but the idea that it is somehow
> exceptionally wonderful just doesn't hold.

I can understand struggles. Generalizations are not useful, what
matters are numbers. If you look into numbers of bugs handled and
updates to Emacs that is the result of the work of developers. If you
like Emacs then you do like developers although you were not maybe
aware of it. All of it was writen by RMS and developers.

In case of `icomplete-vertical-mode' that is function in development
version of Emacs. It is not even official, stable, it is development
version. So take it easy. Test it, and tell your un-biased if possible
non-emotional review of your viewpoints and post them in appropriate
mailing list (otherwise developers may choose good mind blowing novels
to read instead of a emotions on mailing list). 

This list is not for development issues, the emacs-devel is for that,
or bug report. Even if bug was closed, there is no need for you to
engage in emotional war. It is much better if you give your opinion on
that same closed bug report, as somebody else will read it and give
their opinions until final consent is there. It really matters not if
bug report was closed or not.

Solution for you personally has been already found, use it. Bug
reports are appreciated, but don't introduce attitudes that are harder
to handle by other people.

Writing extensions for Emacs is very easy in general. Just do
it. Don't connect irrelevant writings with irrelevant other issues. I
look at it from my viewpoint, nobody forbids me writing extensions for
Emacs, I am free doing so. When you wish to include it in GNU ELPA,
include it, you are free. 


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