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Re: show-paren-mode considered for enabling it by default

From: Tim Landscheidt
Subject: Re: show-paren-mode considered for enabling it by default
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 16:04:28 +0000
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Dmitry Gutov <> wrote:

> We're tentatively planning to make this the default in Emacs 28.

> Users are encouraged to give it a try and tell us now if
> they see a reason to change that plan.

> Please either reply to this message, or direct your
> responses to

I find show-paren-mode useful in buffers where parentheses
are used as intended, i. e. in programs or natural language
texts without smilies, but rather distracting in Gnus buff-
ers where "[]" and "()" are just used as graphical elements.
Similarly, in newsticker "(123)" is used for the number of
unread messages where there is never (?) a need to remind
the user where the parentheses end, but the flashing is con-

None of those are unsolvable problems, but it would be nice
if Emacs as shipped could disable show-paren-mode in those
cases so the user does not have to.


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