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Re: The function naming convention used by Emacs.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: The function naming convention used by Emacs.
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2021 13:49:48 +0200
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2QdxY4RzWzUUiLuE wrote:

>> As far as function names are concerned, are there some
>> established conventions used by Emacs? For example,
>> I noticed that there are so many functions in Emacs named
>> by the suffix `-p', say, `file-exists-p', `ht-equal-p', and
>> so on. But I still can't figure out the meaning of this
>> suffix. Any tips will be appreciated.
> The -p suffix is short for "predicate"; so file-exists-p is
> true if and only if the argument names and existing file.
> I learned of that convention from Common Lisp; I don't know
> the entire history.

Me neither :)

But it is from Predicate Logic which is an extension of
Propositional Logic ...

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