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Workshop to save M$ Windows users: updates

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Workshop to save M$ Windows users: updates
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 03:58:19 -0300

Hi all,

some time ago I announced, in these e-mails,

that I was preparing a workshop "to save M$ Windows users". Here are
some updates about it.

It happened in the last weekend. Only six people attended the workshop
itself, but in the weeks before the workshop some friends of mine
helped me by testing my material - on Windows!!! - and I rewrote it
several times. After the workshop I wrote/rewrote lots of things
again, and now I have a summary of the new status of things here:

Some of the people who helped me with the tests are friends who are
doing PhDs, and they tend to feel guilty when they are not learning
new _concepts_. They find the tutorials about Emacs-the-editor quite
boring and they found my stuff about Emacs-the-Lisp-environment quite
fun. Several of them volunteered to help with the next tests and they
told me that they want to attend the next incarnation of the workshop.

So: =) =) =)

    Eduardo Ochs

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